This Blog Did Not Port Batman: Arkham Knight to PC!

Please consider this general notice that IRONGALAXY.COM is an old blog, that sits atop a community FTP site, and has nothing what-so-ever to do with the game developer Iron Galaxy Studios. This is simply a blog, and blogs don’t develop PC games. In particular, this blog ( did not port the Rocksteady-developed console game Batman: Arkham Knight to PC.

If it had, believe us when we say we’d be the first ones to administer the level of punishment that would be warranted, blog’s rights movement be damned.

l’désistement officiel (The Official Disclaimer)

This is not Iron Galaxy Studios. See how we did that all bold and stuff? We don’t make games. We don’t make anything. We’re a private, non-commercial blog & community hosting site (our community, not yours) that’s been around for more than a few years. Iron Galaxy blog is only barely even digital, look, it’s just a bunch of words. You can’t play words (Infocom? What’s that?).

The internet is full of vast swaths of brain dead humanity. We know this to be true. Therefore, we feel it necessary to explain that teh interwebz blog called “Iron Galaxy” located here at since 2005, is not a computer game developer called “Iron Galaxy Studios” located at since 2008. If that’s who you are looking for, you should go there. I’m sure they are very nice people, who make very nice games. They do have a cool name, after all.

For most of you, the distinction should be obvious. A three second glance at the content of this painfully non-commercial blog should be enough to dissuade you of the notion that you have, EUREKA!, found a professional computer game development house. If, however, you are still uncertain… you’re an idiot.

That is to say, if you are still confused as to whether or not this 8 year old domain and blog catering to a giant fighting robot online gaming community is the splash page for a modern game developer… you’re an idiot.

Now, that said, if you’re into giant fighting robot games involving elements of grand strategy and a horribly dysfunctional and caustic community, welcome home cupcake. YOU are at the right place.

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Going Off The Fiscal Cliff: Patronage in the F2P Genre

Once upon a time I mailed my first large check to the owner of an online free to play strategy game. It was in the amount of $1,250, and it was – to me – both a big deal and the crumbling of a barrier. This was in 2002, and the term “whale” had yet to be coined for the types of players this behavior has come to represent. Continue reading

Kato’s Quick-n-Dorky Mecha-Strategy MMO Roundup

The Current Pickins’ – Amateur Hour

Neveron – Sadness. Codefist. 70-80 daily connects. Fun dead. D-
Invasion 3042 – Angry anger. Former owner baaaad. New owners confuuuused. Sadness. F
Drop Shock – Professional but flawed. Owner tried, props there. Bright star = Supernova. D-

The Current Pickins’ – AAA Roundup

Mechwarrior Online – Eyesplodin’ beautiful beauty. Smart. Unfortunately little strategy. B
Mechwarrior Tactics – Beta. More later type thing. Z


5th War – Nev/Invasion lessons learned? Sporadic activity. Needs codebot. ?
Project Untitled – GB’s super duper secret design document (shhhh). ?

We’re Back, and Better Than Ever!

Could it be true, you say?! At long last, are there signs of life at HoC Gaming Iron Galaxy?!

Yes, fellow giant fighting robot game aficionados, it is true. Iron Galaxy is back, and it’s better than ever! Just look at this post, it’s digital and everything! We know, we know, between 2005 and 2008 you learned to rely upon for all your Neveron, Invasion 3042, and My Little Pony news. Then, perhaps as a precursor to the coming Mayan Apocalypse (it’s only three days away folks)… our database was blowed up. Big time. But hey, it’s only taken a few years to push the button, you know, the one that says “Install WordPress“.

The world’s changed, man. Nev’s a hollow shell of its former glory. 3042’s a reclusive leper. Our genre’s been smacked upside the head (in a good way) by MWO, and MW Tactics continues to be developed. This can only mean one thing… fodder for the most ridiculous giant fightin’ robot game running commentary EVER.